B.A. (Bachelor of Art's)

Our Mission :
While we will concede that few Bachelor of Arts (BA) courses or BA programmes prepare students directly for a profession in the same way as, for instance, accounting trains accountants, we can say with conviction that the modern knowledge economy in which our students compete also does not expect this sort of education of BA students. We know that the contemporary globalising world requires more than mere technological progress. Human behaviour, attitudes and values must change if the world is to continue to exist and to manage the challenges of our times creatively. Our emphasis therefore falls precisely on this need.
Our main aim is therefore to offer students training in the humanities that prepares them for making a contribution in this new world. Research shows that the best approach is to develop both general and specific skills. The variety of departments and programmes in the Faculty is geared towards helping students along this path.

Programme Outcomes (BA):
After completing a BA course candidates can pursue a MA course in the same discipline in which they pursued their graduation. Candidates who want to make a career as a teacher can opt for a BEd course after completing their BA degree.
Apart from these options candidates are informed that after completing their BA course they become eligible to appear for government exams.

However, aspirants can also opt to pursue a job right after completing their BA course. Some popular job profiles that candidates can pursue after a BA course are:

1. Content Writer: In this job profile one needs to research for information on the internet or even through offline sources and create original content for the medium and firm that they are employed at. 2. Social Worker: In such a job profile one needs to identify and thereafter help people cope with the problems at hand.
3. Airhostess/ Flight Steward: In this job profile, one joins the aviation industry and is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of passengers on board an aircraft. Apart from this, an air hostess/    flight steward also serves refreshment to passengers on an aircraft.

Admission Procedure

The Admission Process for B.A. admissions involves various procedures :

Direct Admissions: B.A. direct admissions are based on the minimum qualification of the student. Usually, fulfilled based on marks scored by a candidate in 10+2.
Entrance Exams: Aspirants may be required to qualify for a B.A. entrance test.